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glass ampoule filling machine for bioindicator

  • Product Item: OST01
  • Category: Ampoule Machine for biological indicator
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  • Biological indicator
  • ampoule filling machine
  • indicator ampoules
  • Product Manual:glass ampoule filling machine

    Ampoule filling and sealing machine for glass tubes

    • The glass tube filling and sealing machine is a compact sized model with no-tube no-filling system.
    • It is configured with a tube neck that is centered during gas filing and flushing operations.
    • Chances of gas flushing exists before, during and after filling.
    • Full accessibility in machine accounts for flexible maintenance.
    • Machine incorporated with pre-warming station.
    • Minimized change over time, less maintenance and flexible cleaning operations.
    • All the contact and non-contact parts are made with SS 316 and SS 304 material respectively.
    • Appropriate for all open gas mouth ampoules.
    • Vibration free structure
    • Flow meters available for nitrogen, LPG and oxygen gas regulations.
    • Single motor synchronization with all drives of the unit.
    • Stainless steel west tips collector for cutting glass ampoules tips.
    • Holds the filling accuracy of up to ± 1%.
    • Onion skin tube filling and sealing machine for indicator ampoules

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